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Jolly Nano Heater
The Jolly Nano Heater is the new mini heater from SICCE. The same reliability you have come to expect from all SICCE products is now available in a heater for your desktop aquarium. The Jolly comes in two sizes: a 10-Watt and a 20-Watt. The Jolly 1 (10 Watt) can handle up to a 5-gallon tank, and its size of 3.89 inches tall by 1.14 inches wide allow it to fit in the tank with plenty of room left over for livestock. The Jolly 2 (20 Watt) can handle up to a 10-gallon tank, and its height is 6.25 inches.

The design of the Jolly includes a high tech polymer with a reinforced plastic casing, making the heater fully submersible and virtually unbreakable. The epoxy resin within the heater provides the most efficient heat transfer, and the LED indicator light on the top allows the user to know when the heater is on. The heater is completely submersible, and the included suction cups allow for easy installation in any desktop aquarium. Sicce’s 2-year warranty on the Jolly makes this heater an excellent, reliable addition to any desktop tank.

The Jolly heater is ideal for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

Jolly 1
3.89" X 1.14"
1-5 gallon tank

Jolly 2
6.25" X .78"
Up to 10 gallon tank

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